Pat Glass MP Surgery Details

If you have a case that you would like to discuss in person with your MP you are advised to come along to meet Pat Glass face to face at one of her surgeries.

To find out when Pat’s next surgery is booked, please telephone our office on 01207 501782.

The fastest way to contact Pat is to send details of your case via email. Please include your full name, address (including postcode), national insurance number (if enquiring about benefit or HMRC) and give a factual overview of the problem you are encountering. Your email statement ensures Pat has the required information to represent your queries to the appropriate third party organisation on your behalf, so please be as factual and specific as possible. When submitting your case, Pat includes a copy of the email she received from you as your personal account of the problem is more accurate than our interpretation of it. Please be aware your email will be sent on when writing to Pat.

Pat’s direct email address is